Nothing beats a spa day after a stressful week of work or in preparation for a special event, like a wedding or anniversary. The most common reason for a visit to a brick and mortar day spa is a body massage, though other common treatments are manicures and pedicures, facials and body treatments like cellulite scrubs. Essentially, we visit day spas for a bit of pampering. Yet going to an actual business can be a costly and inconvenient affair. Having an at-home spa day, either alone or the increasingly popular spa party with close friends, is a great cost-efficient and practical option where the product line is the fresh, organic produce in your kitchen. Organic, natural ingredients are an important option for those concerned with toxic additives and unnecessary chemicals, and especially for those with allergies and sensitivity. Ingredients that are certified organic are suggested to have more nutrients but less cancer-causing pesticides than traditionally farmed food items. The environment benefits when we use natural ingredients, as now we are not adding to animal testing, transportation pollutants, or extra packaging. 

With easy recipes that range from anti-aging to skin freshening, detox to pure relaxation, the following blog describes how at-home spa days can meet a plethora of needs in the comfort of your own home. Details are provided regarding how to set the scene and create the perfect atmosphere, as well as a basic materials check list so as to prepare for the recipes for facials, body scrubs and soaks, and hair, hands, and feet treatments. The recipes and ideas presented in this blog provide a variety of treatments so as to have the most enjoyable, relaxing, and beneficial home spa day!