Body Scrubs and Soaks

 Bath Salts

Creating bath salts for a long soak in the tub is easy and beneficial in a multitude of ways. The minerals in salt helps to relax muscles tense from both from stress and physical strain. For those with sensitive skin, using a bit of baking soda helps sooth irritations. Once a base mixture of 1 cup Epson salt, 1 cup kosher salt, and ½ cup baking soda is blended, merely add a total of 20 drops of essential oils in a variety of combinations depending on your specific need. For relaxation, blend 10 drops of bergamot and 10 drops of lavender oils, then mix into salt mix. To cleanse and clear congestion, try 10 drops of peppermint and 10 of eucaluptus. Revitalization mixture is slightly more complicated: 5 drops of orange, 5 of cedarwood, 5 lemon, and 5 clove. Add  ¼ cup to a hot bath and soak, breathing in the scents deeply.

Anti-Aging Soak:

Blend together-

  • ½ cup aloe vera juice
  • 1 Tbsp. almond oil
  • 1 Tbsp. rose hip oil
  • 800 IU Vitamin E

Add mixture to a hot bath and soak, preferably with a mask. Pat skin dry, do not rub dry, and immediately add cream with jojoba or cocoa butter after to entire body to keep skin supple.

Body Scrubs

Much like bath salts, body scrubs are easy to mix together! The base for these scrubs is raw sugar, and each has great skin benefits! 

Relaxation Scrub

Focus on breathing in the scents from this recipe, closing your eyes and just being.

2 cups kosher salt

¼ cup olive oil

3-5 drops lavender oil, adjusting to desired scent

3-5 drops rosemary oil adjusting to desired scent

Mix together and enjoy! 

Cleansing Scrub Recipe

Returning to the benefits of lemons, this recipe will exfoliate and cleanse simultaneously 

5 cups granulated sugar

2 cups olive oil

The juice of 2 lemons

3 Tbsp. honey

First mix oil and sugar together carefully, then add lemon juice. Blend in honey, and apply to warm, wet skin. Rinse well and then cover moist skin with moisturizer.

Revitalization Scrub Recipe

Peppermint is the invigorating rush in this recipe. And the color will reignite the “girlie” in you 

2 cups granulated sugar

½ cup almond oil

Peppermint essential oil

Pomegranate juice (coloring and vitamin C)

Blend together oil and sugar, adding more oil if necessary. Add peppermint oil a few drops at a time until the scrub has the scent you desire (roughly 5-10, depending). Add a few drops of juice for color, mix well, and apply!

Anti-aging Scrub Recipe

Though not strictly anti-aging, this scrub’s caffeine addiction might just help reduce cellulite on legs and buttocks.

1 cup ground coffee

1 cup granulated sugar

1 Tbsp. olive oil

2 Tbsp. coconut oil

1 Tbsp. kosher salt

Blend solid ingredients together first, then add oils.