Anti-Aging, Relaxing, Cleansing, Revitalizing, Socializing

 Let us return to the initial question regarding planning your spa day. Even if this is a solitary venture, knowing what benefit you wish to gain is vital in knowing what recipes and treatments to do. The following recipes have been broken down into at least one of five possible categories.

Anti-aging remedies are certainly not new, and are almost always the most common or popular of skin care products. As we age, our skin and hair change reflecting the amount of care and number of years we have given our bodies. Anyone at any age concerned with anti-aging can benefit from these treatments, which focus on hydration and anti-inflammation. 

Though anti-aging is popular for treatments, most often an at-home spa day is more about relaxing and restarting. In such a busy work-filled world, we all too often forget to take a moment and just breathe. Relaxation is not only good to combat stress, but to help fight illnesses as well. Often, lavender is used both topically via an essential oil and also as aromatherapy, for example. These treatments are excellent for those having trouble sleeping.

Cleansing and revitalizing recipes will often coincide. Freeing our bodies inside and out from toxins allows us to feel lighter, healthier, and rejuvenated. For example, peppermint tea enlivens the mind, and lemon juice on a cotton ball revitalizes tired skin and wakes the senses. These recipes are great for those who need an afternoon pick-me-up.

Last, socializing with at-home spa events is becoming ever more popular among women. These spa days act as a chance to beautify, to celebrate an event, and even to socialize with friends without interruptions. For such a gathering, any combination of the above recipes will work wonderfully, but consider those with allergies. Wine, flowers, snacks, and enough prepared masks for all can make for an exciting and bonding time!